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Soaring Videos

Note: This page is marked for deletion.



Here's a new one from Steve Stevenson ... he sent it out with this note:

My first effort with any kind of video.  Put it on YouTube.  Don't laugh.  Took the glider to the Sequatchie Valley, TN,  and did some serious ridge running for over 200 miles on Nov. 15.  This is my video effort.  Sorry about the jitters.  It was quite turbulent.  But, what a rush on the spectacular fall scenery.

[Apparantly he had a great time and the video shows it.]



Click on the image to the left to view a well-done YouTube video of soaring over the Alps.  Watch these other short videos and you'll get a glimmer of how exciting soaring can be. 

Extreme Soaring - High, low, fast, and edgy
Smokin' Gliders - UK contest finishes
Ridge Soaring - A couple of HSC members did this for 760 miles last April
Rock Polishing - with the Condor Soaring Simulator
Vol a Voile - Nice collection of French soaring videos

Add your favorite Soaring Video to the list.